Wednesday, September 7th

16:30-17:30        ORAL SESSION 45 – NEUROLOGICAL – Room 40.008

Chairs: Henrik Kolstad & Grace Chen

O45-1 - Occupational styrene exposure and the risk of encephalopathy and other non-vascular dementia: a long term follow-up study of workers in the reinforced plastics industry
Inge Iversen, M.S Christensen, J.M Vestergaard, S. Mikkelsen, H.A. Kolstad
O45-2 - Association between agricultural exposures and pesticides and Parkinson’s disease in the AGRICAN (AGRIculture and CANcer) French cohort
Camille Pouchieu, Clément Piel, Séverine Tual, Camille Carles, Cécile Delcourt, Pierre Lebailly, Isabelle Baldi
O45-3 - Occupational Risk Factors for Motor Neurone Disease:  A New Zealand Population-Based Case-Control Study
David Mclean, Grace Chen, Andrea 't Mannetje, Wendyl D'Souza, Melanie McConnell, Leonard van den Berg, Hans Kromhout, Neil Pearce, Jeroen Douwes
O45-4 - Neurobehavioural symptoms in collision repair workers  – A cross-sectional survey
Samuel Keer, Bill Glass, Bradley Prezant, David McLean, Neil Pearce, Elizabeth Harding, Diana Echeverria, James McGlothlin, Duncan Babbage, Jeroen Douwes